Most of the tutorials are written so they only depend of a few other tutorials, so you don’t have to read all of them, but if you’re completely new to shaders I recommend you to read the first few in order no matter what you’ll do after that.

If you don’t understand those tutorials, please message me so I can make them more accessible!

  1. HLSL Basics:
    • In this tutorial I go over the basics of HLSL which we will mostly use to write shaders.
  2. Basic Color:
    • In this tutorial we make a very basic shader that introduces a few concepts the like the shaderlab environment and vertex/fragment shaders.
  3. Properties:
    • In this tutorial we expand the shader so we can set the color of the material instead of having to write a new shader for that.
  4. Textures:
    • In this tutorial we read from textures and draw them to the screen based on the texture coordinates of the model.